Day 1 Of the 2019 Anchor House Ride for Runaways

Day 1 is DONE! After a long 83-mile ride, I'm happy to say my new knee was great thanks to Dr. Dave Eingorn of Mercer Bucks Orthopaedics. Overall day one of the ride was perfect. The weather was...

Steve Preville Rocks it Again

So as we have done for five previous Anchor House rides, Steve and I have had an amazing time together. We are quite the pair, like an old married couple but that is a good thing. Steve always gets...

Anchor House Ride Day 5 and my Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner So the team ventured to the Mason Dixon Distillery for my birthday dinner and what a dinner it was. Let’s start with our Uber driver Tonia who squeezed six of us into her...

How To Donate

Below is a list of the organizations I am representing this year.  Below each one is a link that will take you to the donation page for my specific fundraising for the organization.  Thank you.  -Phil

Please Choose one of my charitable causes:

Anchor House Ride for Runaways

MS 150 City to Shore

Bike the US for MS

Dollars Raised for the Anchor House Ride!

Donations Raised to Date

With your help, I have raised more money than I expected. With your continued support and efforts, I am able to give back to the community around me.


When Is My Next Ride?

The Ride for Runaways is an annual, 7 day, 500 mile charity bicycle ride that exists to support Anchor House.  In 1979, a group of concerned citizens founded Anchor House, a shelter for runaway and/or abused teenagers. The Anchor House is a stabilizing place for runaway, homeless, and abused youth. It is a safe place to rest, wait through the storm while in crisis and a way to move on when the crisis is calmed. Today, Anchor House has grown into with programs that meet the needs of, teens and young adults.


Who Am I?

As CEO of Cooper Pest Solutions and BedBug Central, it has been our company’s mission to WOW our clients, WOW our teammates, WOW our service partners and WOW our community. To combine my love of cycling and desire to make a difference in the community, I have created Phil Across America. This effort encompasses my passion for cycling and desire to make a difference in the community through fundraising efforts for charities that I am passionate about. I will push my body to its limits every summer in order to give back to those in need and the communities in which we hold near and dear to our hearts.

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